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Strategies in Poker Tournaments

Dan Harrington has made a name for himself when it comes to poker tournament strategy. His tips on betting based on the combination of blinds and chip stacks have helped many poker players to walk away with more money. By understanding some of his tips, anyone can bet effectively and leave the poker table with considerable amounts of cash.

Freedom to Control

Players can bet the most confidently and can adequately control the betting tone only when they have a sufficient chip stack. Harrington says that for a player to force opponents into unwise decisions, the player must have a chip stack that is at least 20 times larger than the combined big blind and small blind. Any smaller than that and the player could easily lose control with a bad bet or a weak hand.

Small Chip Stacks

Players who have chip totals that are smaller than 20 times the combined blinds are in a precarious situation. They will be forced to carefully measure each bet and evaluate the bets of their opponents. If the chips stack is less than ten times the combined blinds, the player should fold on any weak hands and only match or slightly exceed the bets of the other players. If the bet can stay near the value of the blind through the entire hand, then the player can confidently remain in the game. Otherwise, the chance of losing is too high.

Players should always aim to have a high chip total in order to maintain control of the game. Useful poker strategies can help players achieve and maintain this goal and always excel in poker tournaments.