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Caribbean Stud Bonus

Because the house edge in a game of Caribbean Stud poker is relatively high, some of the bonuses associated with the game are also large in nature. As a matter of fact, claiming these bonuses may help negate some of the frustration that comes along with the 5% edge the casino claims.

Claiming a Bonus

There are several types of bonuses that can be applied to Caribbean Stud; these include signup bonuses, referral bonuses and even bonuses for making a large deposit. In essence, all of these are nothing more than free money provided to consumers that they can use to play their favorite games. While some are quite small, others are more reasonable and can certainly make a huge difference in a player's earnings.

Meeting Requirements

The next part of claiming a Caribbean Stud bonus is meeting the requirements associated with its withdrawal. If these bonuses were available for immediate withdrawal, casinos would lose immense amounts of money and would not be able to stay in business. In fact, most casinos require players to wager up to 20 times the amount of the initial bonus before it can be withdrawn. To put this into perspective, a player who earns a $10.00 bonus must wager $200.00 of their own money before they can withdraw the $10.00 from their casino accounts.


High rollers who are especially lucky are likely to get the most out of Caribbean Stud bonuses as the bonuses tend to get larger with the more money a player spends. In turn, these players can use their large bonuses to wager at high-limit tables and, hopefully, win an even larger sum of money. This cycle works wonderfully if the player enjoys a lucky streak.

Though Caribbean Stud is often shunned due to its high house edge, players who use bonuses successfully and wisely will often consider the game one of their favorites.