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Don't Jump To Conclusions Until You Experience Live Online Roulette At Global Live Casino!

There is a tremendous difference when playing live roulette at the different casinos online. Some casinos are more laid back and players can enjoy the game immensely, while others have stringent rules and regulations taking away from the fun of the game.

As the name implies, Global Live Casino is a casino meant for players from around the globe and falls into the first category of casinos. Live roulette at this casino is played in exactly the same fun-filled manner with good payouts and bonuses, making players comfortable. Towards making the player experience perfect, the European Roulette table with a single-zero is used, and since the house edge is reduced, players have the potential to win more.

VueTec is responsible for the development of the casino software used by Global Live Casino. This ensures that all the live games available, including live online roulette are of the highest standard and most technologically advanced.

Using the Distance Gaming technology by VueTech, the casino is able to bring to its players the best live roulette experience. Direct streaming is done from casinos in Dublin and other places, where the live roulette tables at the casinos are brought to the computer screens with everything else that goes along with it, such as the live dealers and live players.

If you have played live roulette at other casinos before, you probably remember the simulated roulette game brought to you from a studio that replicates a real casino. Believe me, live online roulette is nothing like that at Global Live Casino. You are visiting a real casino here!