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Winning at 7 Card Stud

As its name would suggest, Seven Card Stud is a poker game played by seven people or less, with each player receiving exactly seven cards. To win more money with online Seven Card Stud, players should simply follow the advice below.

Bets and Earnings

There are generally several different table limits in Seven Card Stud, and players will earn more for playing at tables with higher limits when they win. For instance, if a player bets only $5.00 and the payout for a three-of-a-kind is five to one, that player will win $25.00. In the same scenario, if the player would have wagered $20.00 instead, they would have won a very impressive $100.00. Therefore, table limits have much to do with winning more money.

Playing or Folding

Players who want to earn more money should also learn when to continue playing their hands and when they should fold. While it is advisable for players to continue playing at least until they have received sufficient cards on which to base their decisions, they should choose to fold if their cards are exceptionally low and not well suited to one another. Although 'miracles' have happened, players often win more often if they choose to follow mathematic principles instead of their intuitions.

Play Aggressively

There are seven rounds of betting in Seven Card Stud, and players can certainly choose to take advantage of this. Some players are well suited to bluff their opponents by placing extremely high wagers on hands that are quite mediocre. In fact, many players will simply fold, leaving the bluffer to collect the pot as it stands. Players who use this technique should be careful as it can certainly backfire--especially when one or more players hold very strong hands.

Players who want to win more money with Seven Card Stud can follow all of these tips and more in order to do so, but the best piece of advice will always be to learn the ins and outs of the game and practice it at every opportunity.