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Poker has been one of the world's number one card games for centuries and has translated beautifully to an online gambling version. Since it is so popular worldwide it is not difficult to find online poker games for French speaking people. There are numerous versions of online poker available for play at site de poker gratuit. Both the graphics and sound are amazing and are improved every year by the software creators for casino en ligne. Online poker players may select a 3D version of the game that includes avatars they may design to represent themselves. The 3D effects for online poker are quite realistic and players may customize their own avatars to look and sound any way they choose. Some experienced poker players actually win a great deal of money on a regular basis through online poker.
The History of Poker
Poker is one of the most played games on sitedepokergratuit, but got its start in ancient China and Egypt where a similar game was played. Today's version of poker can be traced back to Primero which historical records show was first played in Spain in 1526. One of the main features of Primero was the idea of a player bluffing when he had a bad hand. French settlers who moved to Canada brought the game of Poker with them. The game further migrated with settlers to America where it was played on riverboats on the Mississippi River. It was known as the "cheating game" because it was the only card game in which players would lie about their hand when they bluffed. When site de poker gratuit began putting games online for gambling purposes, poker was a natural to be added to the site's game list and updated and expanded regularly.

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